Photography is a wonderful craft and one I have enjoyed for over 30 years.  Eight years ago it became 'my job', running my own business, doing what I love.

I first picked up a camera at a young age, a simple 'point and shoot' used mainly to record family holidays on 35mm film. It became a serious hobby throughout my teenage years as I captured record shots from visits to local airports and airshows.  By the time I joined the Royal Air Force in 1986 I had grasped the technical "nuts and bolts" which released me to learn the subtleties of light and how to see photographically.  With a passion to improve I added both Medium and Large format systems to an expanding equipment list.  But after years of seeing an image projected the "right way up" it was a steep learning curve to view one upside down, reversed and under a dark cloth!   Looking back, the switching from the literal to the abstract was part of the process of  "learning to see". 

I still enjoy making images in the landscape with my F-Line Arca Swiss and a few sheets of 5x4 film.  To my mind film is a more inclusive (and demanding) medium than digital and is one that rewards a patient and meticulous approach.  Digital of course affords speed, convenience and technological advantages that are so useful when it comes to my commissioned and aviation work, as well as stitched landscape panoramas.  Yet, as exciting and prominent as rapid technological innovation is, it alone is not enough.  Cultivating a creative vision certainly gives me a great sense of direction.  

I became a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society in 2004, an Associate in 2010 and Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop/Lightroom in 2012.


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