Photography is a wonderful craft that spans both art and science, and is one that has enriched my life for over 30 years.  Like any craft it has to be learnt, the technical aspects must be quickly grasped to take full control of the camera while the creative need nurtured over time to really learn ‘how to see’. I began with a Canon SLR and 35mm film and by the time I joined the Royal Air Force in 1986 the six years I had spent photographing aircraft proved to be the foundation for all that I have subsequently created.

Photography is now a full time venture; teaching, commissioned work, selling my prints as well as pursuing my own interests, with aviation, travel / landscape & occasionally wildlife. While I use digital in 35mm format and film mainly in 4x5, 30 plus years of image making has taught me that portfolio grade images come from curiosity, vision and a willingness to be patient, most certainly not what camera was used. I enjoy all aspects of the photographic process; planning, travelling, location finding, image making, processing, printing, exhibiting….. everything.

I became a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society in 2004, an Associate in 2010 and Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop/Lightroom in 2012. I also have an MBA (Distinction) from The University of Manchester.


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