going beyond the competent.

Imagine you're the photographer in the banner image above. It's sunrise and you're perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Grand Canyon, it's a photographer's dream. When the moment arrives, wherever it may be in the world, the time you have invested in training your eyes to 'see' and understand light will determine the result.  Knowing which button to press is barely the start!

My whole approach is to teach you the tools and skills needed to continuously improve your photography. While it might be a nice day out, being led to a honeypot location within a group of other photographers will simply never give you the depth of specific knowledge needed to improve.

If you are truly serious about improving your photography then there is simply no substitute for one to one learning. A generic You Tube video, magazine article, or typical 6 to 10 group workshop, will not cut it.............there just isn’t the attention on you, the individual, and your own learning style and needs.
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The Way Forward

To really improve as a photographer a through understanding of 3 fundamental disciplines is required:-

  • Training Your Eyes To See

Regardless of whether you use film or digital medium to capture an image training your eyes to visualise and design a photograph is the most fundamental aspect of photography.  Going beyond a descriptive record of what's in front of the lens to producing inspirational work that generates emotion requires "a photographer's eye". That means learning to convert a 3D scene into a compelling 2D image using light, line, shape, colour and form all harmoniously balanced within the confines of the photographic frame.

  • Knowing The Camera

Regardless of the make or model of camera used, knowing how it operates so you, the photographer, takes total control must become second nature.  Whether it's understanding the movements on a large format camera or the subtleties of auto focus settings on a modern digital camera the photographer must have complete mastery of their equipment.  Many, many photographers see this as an end in itself, but technical proficiency merely lays the foundations for strong, creative images.

  • The Final Output

Processing digital images for final output requires an understanding of editing software, typically Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, Capture One.  There are many ways to become confused, frustrated and ruin a strong image.  Similarly, if you use film, scanning transparencies & negatives requires absolute control over the process - which software should be used, should I dry scan or wet scan?  Would drum scanning be a better option?  Should I print my own images?  What about a colour managed workflow so my prints turn out as I see them on my monitor.  It can be a daunting prospect.


invest in some One to One Training

After 35 years of photography I'm firmly of the view that to advance requires one to one tuition.  Just like a sport such as golf, the basics of photography are generic and can be taught in groups, to beginners if you like.  Then, and to really improve, golfers invest in one to one lessons with a professional where their specific needs are identified and a plan developed.  Photography is no different.  

To that end, all of my tuition is provided on a one to one basis, occasionally two to one ( 2 close friends for example).  It is also bespoke to you, the individual, in both what you want to improve and your learning style.  There is no 'off the shelf course' - one will be designed around your needs.  Training is typically centred around my home county of Cheshire, through to the Peak and Lake District. I also do not take any pictures during the tuition, only you will have a camera. My role is to teach, not take photographs!

Introductory full days start from as little as £95.

I have been a keen photographer for many years but since I met Garry he has helped me enormously with everything from Camera and Lens choices, planning and taking shots right down to post processing and getting my images printed and framed. His photographic knowledge and attention to detail is superb at every stage. I feel that it is a great benefit to have his tuition on a one to one basis where things can be tailored to suit your own individual needs. My Photography has improved on all levels with his help and I now get so much pleasure from the pictures that I take. I would not hesitate to recommend Garry to anyone wanting to learn about or improve their photographic skills.
— MR - London

I was awarded Licentiate Distinction from the Royal Photographic Society in 2004, Associateship in 2010 and became an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and Lightroom in 2010. 

My recent photographic successes include being a winner of the worldwide Large Format film contest prsented at Photokina, Germany in 2018.  Travel finalist in the 2016 Smithsonian photo contest (digital) and winner of 'People & Planes' in the 3rd Air & Space competition (digital).  

Please let me know how I can help.

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